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Indoor Boat Storage & Self Storage Calgary

A short trip for better prices!

QEII Indoor Self Storage and Boat Storage is your best option for affordable Calgary self storage solutions.
We provide:

  • Safe & Easy Unit Access:
    Our self storage units are easy-access so you can quickly and safely load/unload your possessions. Our secure storage facility features wide alleys and tall doors, enabling you to store just about anything you want!
  • Competitive Prices:
    We offer better prices than our competitors. Need we say more?
  • Total Security:
    Our storage units are fully secure, weather proof, and sturdy enough to hold boats, cars, farm equipment, and so much more.

If you want reliable, affordable, and absolutely secure Calgary self storage then call (403) 946-0360 today!

Why Choose QEII Storage?

QEII Indoor Boat and Self Storage has been serving Calgary and nearby communities with reliable, safe, and cost-effective self storage since 2009. Our location lets us charge low monthly unit fees while offering truly premium amenities and top-notch security.

Want some extra space at a great rate?

Then call us now at (403) 946-0360

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Check out our Airdrie self storage page here.

Photo of yellow Corvette backing up into a self storage unit
Exterior photo of Calgary self storage units located just north of Airdrie

Units and Prices

* Please call us (403-946-0360) for the most current information regarding our reduced pricing during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Small / Medium Self Storage Units

10x10ft or 10x12ft (3x3m or 3x3.65m)
100ft² or 120ft² (9.3m² or 11.15m²)
Apartment size
  • 10 x 10
  • 10 x 12

Large Self Storage Units

10x25ft or 10x30ft (3x7.6m or 3x9.1m)
250ft² or 300ft² (23.2m² or 27.9m²)
House size
  • 10 x 25
  • 10 x 30

Medium / Large Self Storage Units

10x20ft (3x6m)
200ft² (18.6m²)
Vehicle size
  • 10 x 20

Extra Large Self Storage Units

12x30ft (3.65x9.1m)
360ft² (33.45m²)
Boat size
  • 12 x 30

Our Reviews

Margret Walker


I had rented a storage bay and arranged for some friends to meet me there to help unload my stuff, unfortunately they did not show up. Lucky for me the owner of QEll saved the day and helped me unload my things, I couldn’t been more relieved. Thanks again!

Recommend? YES

Michael P.

Great boat storage

I can pick my boat on Friday, spend the weekend on the lake and return the boat on Sunday. I don’t have to drive around Calgary’s crazy traffic hauling a boat. Easy in and out.

Recommend? YES


Great location, easy access, best price!

We have been using QEll since 2011, they have been very accommodating to us on many occasions. We have moved from larger units to smaller ones as we needed.The units are very tall, so you can get a tremendous amount of stuff into the smallest unit. The prices are the best anywhere, that is why we chose them even though we live south of Calgary.

Recommend? YES

Self Storage Insurance Information:

Insurance is important!

Some people are under the impression that self storage facilities include content insurance as a matter of course for your property while it is in a self storage facility. In almost every case, this is simply not how it works.

Some facilities might offer insurance coverage options at an extra charge, but none will simply include full/comprehensive content insurance as a default part of their standard self storage unit rental package. 

That said, for some self storage facilities have been known to oblige their customers to have insurance coverage – yet there are also those that will not. We can tell you from experience that getting insurance coverage for your belongings is always a wise move.

In fact, some storage unit facilities will now ask for proof of your policy before renting a storage unit to you.

A well-run and secure storage facility can make you feel that insurance is not absolutely necessary, but belongings in storage still need to be insured – just in case something does happen. Examples of “something” include once-in-a-lifetime flooding events (and other “acts of God”), fire, severe blizzards, and so on. 

You might already have insurance.

Before you even visit the storage facility, you should check with your existing property insurance coverage to see if it provides self storage coverage.  Either way, we recommend reviewing your insurance options carefully before committing to a policy or company.

Our Most Commonly Asked Questions:

How much does a self storage unit cost?

Our prices have always been competitive and lower than most indoor self storage facilities in both Calgary and Airdrie.

However, during these unpredictable pandemic times we are offering even further rate reductions based on unit size and how long you wish to rent it for. Give us a call at 403-946-0360 for more details.

How should I organize my storage unit?

There many strategies you can take to get the most out of your storage unit.

One easy tip is using same size boxes to store your items so that they stack efficiently. This can save you a lot of time and headaches when you trying to create as much space as possible in your unit.

Another tip is using painter’s tape to list the contents on the side of each box. This helps you to not only know which box holds what, but also to arrange your boxes so that you can more easily access the things you are most likely to need first. Just remember to stack your boxes & bins with the labels facing toward you!

Here's an idea of what can fit into our large self storage units.

Where is QEII Indoor Boat & Self Storage located?

QEII storage is located off of highway 2A in Crossfield just outside of Calgary. Our location allows us to provide better prices with the same level of service and more space!

Does QEII provide boat storage?

Yes we do! In fact, QEII is a great place to store your boat.

How is QEII storage adjusting during the COVID-19 crisis?

We are taking all recommended precautions to operate safely as an essential business during this stressful pandemic. We are also offering reduced pricing to help ease the financial burden too many of our good neighbours are now facing.

How does QEII compare to other indoor storage Calgary businesses?

We offer you more space for less money while maintaining high levels of service by putting our customers first. Always.

Our units are much bigger than the facilities of other Calgary self storage outfits, allowing large enough areas to store most anything you need. We custom designed our facility to put customers 1st – our 50’ wide alleyways make it easy to maneuver your trailer, boat, large vehicle, moving van, or RV. We also installed storage unit doors doors that are 12 feet high by 11 feet wide, taking the stress out of accessing your self-storage unit.

We also maintain a constant monitoring system on-site for security, each unit is well sealed to reduce humidity and moisture, and ensure proper lighting so you make sure everything is 100% safe & secure!

You want to safely & securely store your valued possessions because...

Keep for it later

Self storage is a great way to keep items that you currently don’t have the space for but might in the future. Storage is often used by young professionals to store furniture and other items that they don’t have room for while the save up to buy a house. Storage units are also a great place to store your possessions while you spend a year or two abroad.


Often self storage units offer more security than homes. Self storage facilities provide security features often not found in homes. Unit Buildings are usually fenced with tall secure fencing, cameras that keep an eye on things, a locked entry and a lock on the unit, good security lighting, and sometimes on site security or management personnel.


There are goods that expose others to hazards at home and should be put in storage to make sure your family stays safe. This is a great option for hunting gear, dangerous
tools, items with hazardous chemicals like paint or heavy duty cleaning agents, and anything else you don’t want your kids getting into.


There are large items that you just can’t store at many homes. Watercraft like boats, cars that aren’t in use, and recreational vehicles can all find a place in a secure storage facility. They provide better protection against the elements and you don’t have to worry about parking a car you never use in the city. It’s also great way to clean out the garage to get more practical use out of it.

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