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Bringing Your Car Out of Winter Storage

Do you hear the call of the open road? Spring is here and the snow and ice are quickly disappearing. It’s the perfect time to take your car out of winter storage and head out on an adventure. Before driving off to the mountains, it’s important to ensure that your vehicle is in good shape. Here are our top tips on taking your car out of winter storage.

Conduct a Visual Assessment

This is an important first step as everything must be in working order before attempting to drive your vehicle. Look underneath your vehicle for any signs of fluid leaks. Check the electrical wires to make sure that they are intact and not frayed. Mice are well known to nest in vehicles and chew on electrical wires. Look for any rust that may have developed over the winter.

Check the Battery after Winter Storage

It’s very important to check the condition of the battery when taking your vehicle out of storage. Having the battery on a maintainer/tender while the vehicle is being stored will keep your battery charged. If the battery wasn’t charged while you were storing your vehicle, it may be weak or completely drained. Don’t try to start the engine if your battery isn’t fully charged. That is very hard on an engine that hasn’t been started for long periods.

Check the cables and terminals on the battery for corrosion and oxidization. Clean off the cables if possible.

Examine the Brakes and Suspension

Take a look at the suspension components of your vehicle. You can pull on the control arms and the tie-rods to see if they move excessively. It’s important to ensure that the brakes have enough rotor and pad material. After you start your vehicle for the first time, tap the brake pedals to ensure that they feel responsive. Drive carefully and pay attention to any signs that your brakes are not responding properly. It’s normal to hear a little bit of noise on your first drive. This can be a sign that rust has accumulated on the surface of the brake rotor or possibly the brake drum. If this noise continues, you should have your brakes inspected.

Change the Engine Oil and other Fluids

It’s beneficial to change the oil when taking your vehicle out of storage. You should change that oil even if you had changed it before storing your vehicle. The oil that has been in your vehicle throughout the winter is now old. Check the fluid levels of fuel, coolant, power steering, and windshield washer.

Inspect the Tires

Check the tire pressure and fill the tires to the appropriate PSI level. Inspect the tires for any signs of cracks and bulges.

Clean Your Vehicle after Winter Storage

It’s important to check the exterior of your vehicle and to clean any dirt or debris that may have accumulated over the winter. This is the perfect opportunity for spring cleaning and to detail the exterior and interior of your vehicle. Don’t forget to remove the material that you used to plug the tailpipe to prevent pests from entering.

Starting Your Vehicle for the First Time after Winter Storage

After completing the above steps, you’re finally ready to start the engine! It’s normal for the engine to run roughly for the first few minutes as the fuel will need to circulate for the first time in months. Let the engine idle and warm up to its optimal operating temperature before heading out. As tempting as it is to go full out on your first run, take it easy and don’t push your vehicle too hard. This is the first time that your vehicle has been driven in a long period, so it needs time to warm up.

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